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Defending our 
North Carolina values.

Danny Britt stands up for our conservative values in the North Carolina General Assembly, and he fights for our freedoms in the North Carolina Army National Guard. Sign up to join Danny's team today:

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Danny Earl Britt, Jr. was born in Robeson County to a mother who is a retired textile worker and to a father who was a state employee. He grew up spending his summers in tobacco fields, where he learned how to work hard and make a living.


Danny enlisted in the NC Army National Guard after high school and went on to play football at Appalachian State University. After college, he got a law degree and came back to Robeson County to work in a small law office. Danny later became a prosecutor in the Robeson County District Attorney’s Office.


He was deployed to Iraq and later Kuwait, and currently holds the rank of Lt. Colonel.


Today, Danny operates his own law firm and lives in Lumberton with his wife Jill – a public school teacher – and two kids. He continues to serve in the North Carolina Army National Guard.

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Senator Britt believes in building an economy for all of North Carolina. He believes in getting the government out of small businesses’ way, promoting economic growth and creating jobs for rural North Carolina.


After three years in the State Legislature, Senator Britt’s tireless and responsible work on the state budget has led North Carolina to three consecutive surpluses, resulting in the ability to continue lowering your taxes and putting more money into our Rainy Day Fund.



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